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Just to want to say, that Raj was awesome to work with, and I would highly recommend him. He is fun, direct but still very clear, creative and fully professional.

I was with my daughter, and the whole experience of making video with a Christmas theme 'Let's go to the party', was amazing, we have not noticed when all the boards/ solos and doubles were completed and the time simply flew by.


His preparation of the location, ideas of what clips to do, communication with us and another model before the event, as well the execution and delivery were very impressive.


I look forward to working with Raj again in the future, such a memorable experience.  

Joe Nowak- London 

This is my second photoshoot with the talented Raj, which did not dissappoint. Over my Miss Generation journey I have had may encounters with great photographers. However, I have  say,,Raj stood out the most with his vision for me. He was able to get the best out of me by keeping the theme which we discussed from the offset. Vision for my photos were to  reflect me, natural shots and creativity....

Tick tick tick. Absolutely nailed it!!!!!

Thank you so much for the fun, excitement and experience. I absolutely recommended Raj to ALL especially models who are building a portfolio you will be amazed

Shamila Mazhar


Potters Bar Photograhy

Model Darya London / Russia 

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 08.59.58.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 12.13.35.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 12.11.31.png
Potters Bar Photograhy

Raj was absolutely brilliant to work with. Very enthusiastic and talented. I felt 100% at ease and completely comfortable. i have really enjoyed every shoot i have done so far and loved all of the pictures.  Would definitely recommend him!!

Lois Dollemore 


Potters Bar Photograhy

Raj is truly incredible and an amazing photographer. He is so much fun to work with and he has the most creative, out of the box ideas for images!!  When I posted the pictures onto Facebook, my phone was blowing up with text messages, comments about how stunning and amazing the photos were.
I would recommend him to anyone out there!! You will not be disappointed!
TOP Photographer and a truly GREAT person!!! 

Thanks Raj!!!!!!! 



Potters Bar Photograhy

Raj -  

I have appreciated the photography it was great.
you know how to make us feel good in front of the camera
the scene was nice for me, just a little bit difficult at the beginning because I don't really like when people take pictures of me
the result is really great

it is the first time I think I can be pretty 

thank you for that

France, Paris

Potters Bar Photograhy
Potters Bar Photograhy

Dear Raj,

To say that the photographs you took, for my post wedding party, were exceptional, is an understatement. They capture a beautiful story of two people made for each other (celebrating their eternal union with their friends and family) very nicely. As for the movie, it's just as amazing and more actually with the background music you have set to it. I could n't thank you enough for both, the photographs and the video. I would most definitely use your photography service again and will recommend to anyone looking for a photographer for their functions and events :-)


With kind Regards,


Jigar, Payal & Family x

Potters Bar Photograhy

Thanks Raj for the lovely is my review...


"I am beyond thrilled with the amazing photos Raj has taken. He is very talented, great to work with and he had made me feel completely at ease. He right away caught on to his artistic approach, appreciation for photography and most importantly an eye for capturing emotion and every single time we look at the photos I am able to feel all those emotions once again. I cannot praise him and his work enough!"


Sonia Badiani


Potters Bar Photograhy

Raj, here are my feelings on our photo shoot It is not easy to be photographed, and more, strike the pose when you're shy ... but thanks to your patience and   your valuable advice, it becomes possible.

Professionalism, humor and sun was on the programme of this photo shoot unforgettable.

Just a word on rendering images: What can I say except "perfect," even I seem to find me attractive ... The colors, reflections and other effects are unmissable

I have only positive comments

Another big thank you to you !!

France, Paris

Potters Bar Photograhy



My photographer took photos of me recently which I felt turned out absolutely amazing. I felt at ease being a model for the day's shoot which can become some what tiring after several hours! To conclude, Raj took various different shots which turned out incredible to the eye! If you are thinking of having photography done, I recommend Raj Khatri as your photographer! He specialises in Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, etc.


Avni Shah 
North London

Great, what can i say wow, its so sexy, needed it in my bedroom, gives me a great big smile every time i look at it, thanks Raj for a sexy, hot piece of Ar's easy.



Potters Bar Photograhy

Raj is a talented photographer. He knows how to make you feel comfortable, and ideas just come for a relaxed photography experience. Pictures are the result of his personality.



Marie-Felie Model

Dear Raj,

Thanks very much for the privilege of being the subject of one of your portfolios. Being taken pictures , for me, never was an easy task... Thanks to your expertise and patience , I felt quite spontaneous and free to express myself in your pictures. I wish you all the best and thanks for the great experience. 

Regina Guimard

Potters Bar Photograhy

Raj -


Working with you is so natural and enjoyable. You always made sure that all is okay with me and i was comfortable throughout the shoot, this i must say i really appreciated.  Thanks for giving me a chance to work with you and got to know you even more for a short period of time.  I really appreciate that - Cheers to that ! Just keep in touch & do not forget to message me anytime when you go back here in the Philippines.  Stay safe and wish you all the best.

Dee Jhane Castor (Model)

Philippines - Manila

Raj is the father of a close friend of mine.  When visiting their home, I was always amazed by the number of paintings and art work decorating the house and adding a personalised, affectionate feeling to each room.  A particular favourite of mine is hanging in the living room and it was only a matter of time when I decided that an exact replica on a smaller scale was essential for me. Raj created my own artwork in a mare week. The cultivated mix of vibrant colour and range of textures is a piece of something that I felt that my bedroom has  been lacking for a long time and was created at an extremely reasonable price. I am so happy with my canvas painting, it fits in with the colour scheme of my room and I will be happy to return to Raj in the future without hesitation. 


Chiara Belli

North London


So out of the blue I decided, you know what? I wanted some art for my room. Rajesh, being the father of a close friend came to mind instantly as I loved his artwork. Even though I asked for something specific and non-abstract, he managed to pull off an amazing job with my "Offspring" related piece. I am very pleased as well as excited to redecorating my room now the piece of the puzzle is in my hands.


Tom Noble 


Comment - The Flying Dragon turned out exactly as I had it in my head. The red spikes and spines compliment the colours in my room perfectly and the texture brings so much in another dimention. Studying photos and images helped us to find the perfect picture for this Dragon and for the price, it was almost a steal. I am over the moon with this piece and am almost tempted to cover my walls in more of this incredible talent.



Dragon - Having requested a purple themed dragon for my birthday, when i was given this i was amazed.  Such an incredible style, overjoyed with this, happy to show it off.

Thank you


Jon Gwyn 
Potters Bar


Sea Wave is a Simple painting with very relaxing shades of blues, which fit perfectly with the decor of the room.



The Art class you did was truly amazing; It was insightful, laid back and practical. I think as a group we all enjoyed the class and we also connected beautifully. We were like a big Art Family. 

I hope we can do the art class more regularly. 

Thank you again for taking time out for us ladies. 



Oshwal Center 
Potters Bar


Hope you remember me!!!!
I am one of the girls from Wednesday club and as you exhibited in out Arts and Crafts On diwali can you come to one of the club and do a workshop on Art.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Daksha Modha 
Oshwal Center 
Potters Bar

Brought Flo & Lucy, 2 great sexy paintings right away as i saw them in potters bar.  ideal for my new life in Uni. full of colour and a great way to bring a smile to anyone's face.  


William Spike

Zoey looks great in my flat, thank you Raj


Tim Brown
St Albans

The Eye - a really "eyecatching" piece which can brighten up any wall. A brilliant piece of artwork which has been given a lot of attention to detail. Truly commendable work. Looking at this picture I have got only one thing to say, " beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Thanks raj uncle for this beautiful piece of artwork. 


Payal  -  




Potters Bar Photograhy

Rajesh is a consumate professional. He knows how to set you at ease and take sensational photographs. I recommend him unreservedly.

Gary Southgate - Model 


Potters Bar Photograhy
Model Rav Sagoo - London
Potters Bar Photograhy

To raj , you was professional to work with from start to finish , your standards i this field regarding your work is high you like to get the best out of the person your working with , look forward to working  with you again


Chloe Charrier


Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 21.54.01.png

annika burman jewellery


Hi guys 

my name is *imane benkirane* a model from morocco .im glad to work with *raj a prifessional photographer*,who made my first photoshoot a great and fantastic experience,it was fun and i learnt a lot from him.

raj persennal choices of the seting were great we shoot in *fes* and *chefchaoun* in beautiful locations,his shoots were breath taking,and very professional .

on the otherhand,raj had an awesome personality,he knew how to make everybody happy and relaxed on set .

im looking forward to work with him,a person who love's what he does and does it with passion

Imane. B


Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 21.56.26.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 22.00.00.png


If you are looking for a creative, passionate photographer Raj is the GO TO person! He not only creates beautiful imagery but also knows how to create fun working environment. Creating character and a real show. He loves pushing the boundaries and think outside of the box. Going out of the comfort zone should be his second name! I really enjoyed working with him! I Highly recommended.



Vols and Original

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 00.21.27.png

Hi Raj

Had a wonderful time working with you!  You made this shoot high energy and exciting and really helped me to feel comfortable. You are sooo creative and it reflects in the quality of work you produced ! Thanks again and it was great meeting you and i cant wait to work with you again.


Jasmine Garratt

We had our first photoshoot for the first time and I was really excited and nervous but after I met him I felt really comfortable.

He is really funny and the same time very professional.


Can't wait for another photoshoot

Linda  B


P.S. Thanks again Raj for the lovely pics


What can I not say about Raj?


Raj is a professional photographer. His passion for his work is another dimension. I absolutely loved working with Raj. He made me feel comfortable and let me be "me". It was very natural and smooth yet professional experience.

I love his creativity and how he listens to his models and combines both visions and turns into art, which is what he does at best.

Overall Raj is a very caring and humorous person to work with. Whole time I have enjoyed so much shooting with him, full of laughter, fun and hard work. I love that he communicates with us throughout the whole journey, from the beginning of shoot till we receive the final product.

His dedication towards photography amazes me and that's why I would recommend anyone that would like to have some beautiful photos.


Cannot wait for more to come. 😊

Thank you Raj. You are an absolute gem.




Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 22.39.25.png

We used Raj’s for some product photography and were pleasantly surprised with the quality of photos we received. Communication was excellent at each step of the process and we would highly recommend him for all types of photography.
Sandal House

Working with and part of Adam & Alice Studios 

Adam and Alice Studios is a project built for green brands and focused on sustainability. Studios focus on creating  awareness programs and voice of sustainability in fashion industry to build green projects for green future. A voice to build future fashion


Raj, Made both Andrew and i feel at ease.  He completely understood the concept that we were striving to translate through the lenses and drew out the authenticity of our intent.

Would definitely recommend him!


Rachel Hawkes & Andrew St George 


Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 12.12.51.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 12.14.41.png
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 07.06.02 (2).pn

Hi raj

I want to say big thank you for recent diwali shoot , video looking absolutely amazing, and it was amazing experience working with you , I will definitely looking forward to work with you in furture projects,  thank you for all your efforts. Its been pleasure working with you .

Monalisa Sarees

London, UK


I worked with Raj on a recent Asian bridal photoshoot. He created an absolutely beautiful video for that shoot. He had his own vision and i was extremely happy with the end result. Raj was brilliant to work with he is a very creative individual and super passionate about his work! Not only is he very professional but he has a wonderful personality!

makeup by sukhi


Published April 2022

Off Town Fashion Magazine  

Very hard working and focused to meet to best quality work. I wasn’t sure how to pose and Raj has helped me out a lot. Great photographer and best photoshoot I’ve had so far !!

Oliwia - Model  

Emma (55 of 77)-52.jpg

Had a really wonderful photoshoot with Raj. He made me feel at ease and we got some amazing shots. Such a fantastic photographer to work with and his energy was infectious. Would highly recommend. Look forward to working with him again.

Emma Clandon dancer/singer/actor/model

My music video 'Tomorrow' Taken with great picture quality, and a good eye. Raj was very easy to work with, very bubbly and pleasant to be around.  You can tell he's super passionate about what he does by the excitement he brings into his work.
Looking forward to making my next video with you soon! thank you