I was born in 1968 London, UK and spent most of my life in the fast paced lively areas of Kentish Town & Archway. As a child I really enjoyed Art & Photography,  I would experiment with different techniques   Whilst at school and college I completed various art projects from stage show back drops to black & white murals for staircases. At North London College when I was studying Design & Art i produced a number of art projects.


When I got married and had a family it became hard to find the time!  However as my children have got older it has become easier to go to art galleries and travel which has made it easier for me to observe the world around me and learn new methods and techniques.  Now I have started to dip my ideas out that I have accumulated over the years into practice.  I especially enjoy mixing different mediums such as stained glass, coloured stones and normal house building materials into my art work 


 I specialist in Portrait photography, fashion photography - also assist media business with product photography - covering London & Hertfordshire, i have also done small international projects in Asia.

 I ensure that high quality and professionalism is apparent at all times. It is my goal to capture you and your special moments in a complimentary way that you will cherish forever.  Feel free in viewing my work and my feedback

Rajesh Khatri